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Chell Brown LLC Consulting and Coaching Services

Our Goals

Our goal is to help you move forward by strengthening your foundation and equipping you with the appropriate knowledge and tools to assist you with flourishing on your own. We aim to help connect with thousands of individuals and small businesses through online video, consultations, and mentorship sessions.

Chell Brown LLC

Chell Brown’s underlying mission is to help our customers and clients grow stronger while moving forward in their journey. For some, that might mean exploring additional ways to grow their income, such as starting their own business. Others may desire that same financial freedom but are still digging themselves out of a hole. Yes, they know they need a shovel, but maybe they don’t have the right kind of shovel or have the wrong shoveling technique preventing them from making real progress.

Chell Brown will support both individuals and businesses. We help individuals through educational self-employment and personal financial literacy content and mentorship sessions. Understanding the fundamentals of personal finances will better position our viewers and mentees to make, manage, and grow money, supporting them on their financial independence journey and planting the seeds for generational wealth. 

Chell Brown also focuses on sales and marketing consulting for small businesses, entrepreneurs, self-employed, independent contractors, and freelancers. Starting and growing a business continues to take more time away from businesses with 10 or fewer employees who may need to focus on their product and customer service/ support. You may have a great product or service, but what good is it to the world if nobody knows about it? Using traditional principles with modern solutions, we’ll provide you with marketing and sales help that will help you overcome your obstacles. 

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